Case Studies

UWEEI disputed for 34 PMEs who were members of UWEEI against their employer, NuTune Singapore Pte Ltd on retrenchment benefits with the Industrial Arbitration Court (IAC) and was awarded outstanding retrenchment benefits amounting to $1,797 million to be paid.

CaseStudiesOther case stories of Professional, Management and Executives (PMEs) that UWEEI has assisted-

    • XYZ Company has an internal guideline of maximum 12 months payout of retrenchment benefits for PMEs – UWEEI fought and the payout was extended to 25 months and 1 year of membership subsidy;
    • 20 PMEs at Venture affected by unfair termination of exempt staff stating they are bottom 10%performers – UWEEI fought and company offered to reinstate all 5 who were UWEEI members. 4 accepted and meeting was arranged for their return;
    • A PME member asked for UWEEI help on his termination – UWEEI intervened and member got an additional 1 month of Gross salary on top of salary for months worked in his last month, annual wage supplement, payment in lieu of notice and encashment of unconsumed leave.