Workplace Matters

I am an engineer. Am I covered by Employment Act?

Under Section 2 of Employment Act, a person engaged in a managerial or executive positions are excluded from the Act.  There are, however, 3 possible channels available for you to seek redress from applicable employment disputes.

If you are not eligible for the 3 channels listed above or you are not satisfactory with the outcome, the other recourse channel available is civil lawsuit.


While conducting a test on a electronic component, I suffered some injuries. Can I claim compensation from company?

If you had suffered injuries due to and arising out of your employment, you are covered under Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA). WICA covers all employees regardless of their positions and salaries. For more information, please click here .


I have been retrenched from my company without any compensation. What can I do now?

If you are a union member, your union can represent you to negotiate with your company for retrenchment benefits. Please contact your union for assistance.

To check if you are a member of the United Workers of Electronic and Electrical Industries (UWEEI), please send us an email with your name and NRIC/FIN #.


My company has recently gone into liquidation and it still owes me 3 months of salary. Will I be able to get my salary back? Who can I go to?

When a company is liquidated, the appointed liquidator should investigate, sell off the assets, pay off all creditors and wind up the company. Employees’ outstanding salaries have a priority over other debts (eg. vendors, shareholders, rental, etc). However, the amount which you can claim back is capped at $7,500 or an amount equivalent to 5 months’ salary whichever is lesser.

If the liquidated company owes you salary, the liquidator will notify you to attend a liquidation meeting and you have to file proof of debt with them in order to have a chance to recover the salary owed to you.

Do note that the cost of liquidation has to be covered first before any employee/creditors will be paid.


My company has terminated me with 1 month’s pay in lieu of notice. Can I encash my annual leave?

If you have been given a contractual termination, you are entitled to encash your annual leave.

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Union membership / Friends of EPC

I am holding management position in my company. Can I join the union?

Yes! Any person above the age of 16 can join the union.


One of the clauses inside my employment contract states that I am not allowed to join union. Can I still join the union?

Yes! In Singapore, there is a freedom of association. The clause inside your employment contract is thus invalid. Anyone above the age of 16 can join the union.


How much is the union membership fees?

It is $117 per year. Payment is via Giro deduction of $9 per month, with 2 deduction in December.


What is the EPC?

The UWEEI EPC is a community for the Engineers and PMEs (Professional, Managers and Executives) in the electronics sector. The UWEEI EPC seeks to Enrich, Empower and create exhilarating Experiences for Friends/Members of the community!


How do I join the UWEEI EPC?

Just click here ! ALL Engineers and PMEs in the electronics sector can become Friends of UWEEI EPC for FREE!

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