About Us

About Us
Spearheaded by the United Workers of Electronic and Electrical Industries (UWEEI), the UWEEI Engineering Professional Community (EPC) seeks to Enrich, Empower and create exhilarating Experiences for Engineers and PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) in the electronics sector.

ALL Engineers and PMEs in the electronics sector can become Friends of this community for FREE! Friends of UWEEI EPC can look forward to:

– Enriching their career

– Being Empowered to handle workplace issues

– Experiencing a wide range of recreational activities and privileges


Community Drivers 

Mr Lim Ka Hock – Chairman

Mr Tan Cher Lim – Vice Chairman

Ms Wong Lee Pheng- Committee Member

Ms Chen Qi -  Committee Member

Mr Siaw Kah Yang – Committee Member

Ms Ng Hui Ling – Committee Member

Mr Tan Yong Keng – Committee Member